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↳ favorite photoshoot of Brittany Snow

"It sounds to me though, Gail, like his ‘boys’ haven’t dropped yet, if you know what I mean?” “If you mean his testicles, then I do, John, I do, I really do.”

Seems like everybody’s got a price, 
I wonder how they sleep at night. 
When the sale comes first, 
And the truth comes second, 
Just stop, for a minute and 

Pitch Perfect [Musical Moments]

Wanna see you whip it
Should’ve treated you right
Give me just a minute
Of your time tonight
We both are here to have the fun

Pitch Perfect [Musical Moments]

Even though some of you are pretty thin, you all have fat hearts, and that’s what matters.

I truly believe that GQ and Anna Kendrick are trying to kill me this week.